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soluzioni di arredo e design

PRODURRE (ant. prodùcere) v. tr. [dal lat. producĕre, comp. di pro–1 e ducĕre «CONDURRE»]


We are producers of unique, customised and efficient solutions of Made in Italy furniture for different environments: home, hotel, spa, office, shop, restaurant, outdoor.

We always take on different projects and we bring them to life.

We have a practical sensibility, an international attitude and we are always ready to adjust our products to your demands.

soluzioni di arredo e design

Cristiano Boarini - CEO

Cristiano Boarini is the founder and CEO of bd Italia.

From the construction and installation of pieces of furniture to the know-how in the public contract world and in the international trade, Cristiano has gained a long-time experience in the furniture industry which has led him to found bd Italia. His constantly-growing company has become well-known for producing and supplying furniture through consolidated procedures, offering a complete service from design to production, delivery and installation.

Cristiano and bd Italia team made complex processes quick and easy. They know how to satisfy any request in a complete and efficient way and their work is organized but flexible.

The result? Custom-made exclusivity.

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bd Italia representatives in the World

Once the project is estimated and approved, we establish the best production process in order to always realise unique and exclusiveproducts. To define the final aspect of a furniture piece, we select thicknesses, dimensions, colours, textures and materials (wood, marble, stones, glass, metal, fabrics, leather, natural fibres…) among the wide range of high quality Made in Italy products, constantly monitoring the current trends and the latest developments on the market. We also focus on the study of technological innovation systems to improve our articles.

Research &

& Adjustment

In order to lead a product into the production process, it is necessary to optimise its functioning features verifying and adjusting all aspects which will allow an efficient realisation. For this purpose, we make executive designs, 3D models and complete prototypes to transform ideas and details into something visible. We present renderings able to show all details in full respect of our clients’ taste, style and needs. During this phase, we adjust potential technical limits and anomalies to be ready to produce at artisan and/or industrial level. We involve you directly and actively during all production phases showing you renderings, prototyes, works in progress.

In our workshops, we bring to life 100% Made in Italy pieces of furniture which are meant to be resistant and long-lasting. Our products are unmistakable: high quality, based on refined technical solutions, respectful of our clients’ needs. They express a balance of craftsmanship and technology, man and machine – a fusion allowing to create exclusive, customised, valuable yet affordable products. Every element is designed to blend together with the environment it has been created for. All the components are previously assembled for the quality control and we make sure every detail is perfect in order to deliver a flawless finished product.

& Finishes

Delivery &

During this delicate phase, the products are accurately packed and transported all over the world. Once they reach their destination, they are unloaded and installed by our highly specialised and reliable staff. We have selected local technicians to guarantee a punctual and fast service and also an efficient after-sales support in the long run or in case any problem occurs after the installation. Our clients’ satisfaction is our main goal.

“We produce in Italy and offer focused solutions world-wide. Our products are sophisticated, avantgarde and in grand style.

soluzioni di arredo e design

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