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“NO" does not exist Code world: customization.  

We realize your requirements by choosing styles, materials and technical solutions able to represent your idea accurately.

Every request is accepted. Everything can be done, because we have strenght avangarde laboratories, with a decades of fieldwork, specialized in several furniture sectors.

Our offices and our factories are your offices and your factories. We involve you in every step and every detail, so that you can always be updated about the processing and be in step with choices and timing.

We study innovative materials, we costantly invest in research and development, we keep up-to-date for always suggest you new production solutions, we work for ensure you quick processes, as well as highest and undisputed quality.

in the world


We furnish the world. And, inside it, we feel at home

We produce in Italy, synonym of quality and elegance. We furnish the “Bel Paese” and the world, customizing and contextualizing the furniture according to requests.

Our international headquarters allow us to surround more markets and satisfy them thanks to an overall vision and a worldwide sense of belonging.


The business needs to be followed, not to be imposed.

The love for the beauty needs to be trained.

Everything can be done if you want it bad enough.

There is always a solution. Just look for it.

It is essential to innovate and to reinvent yourself.

Each project is something unique, and must be treated as such.

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